Why Use Gateway Agents

Why to use Gateway Travel & Cruise for your Travel Packages?

  • Experience Quality
  • Assurance
  • Personal Contract
  • Expertise
  • Best Price
  • Travel Advocate

Travel Agents Specialize in Destinations or Markets

  • Family Friendly
  • Outdoor
  • Spa
  • Business or Leisure Travel
  • Weddings & Honeymoons
  • Cultural
  • All-Inclusive Packages
  • Group Travel

Up-to-Date on:

  • The latest travel trends
  • New Resorts
  • Up & Coming Destinations
  • Recommending the ideal place(s) to book your trip
  • Payment Plans
  • Step by Step Consultation

Human Customer Service During Your Travel

  • Travel Agents know how to best approach Airlines & Hotel with your concerns.
  • Travel Agents go above and beyond to ensure that their clients' vacation will exceed their expectations.
  • As professional, Travel Agents have access to perks and resources that allow them to enhance your stay with added value.
  • And all this, with no cost to you!

Internet Research - What about the internet?

  • We understand the need to explore your destination on the internet.
  • We love the internet's great information too!
  • Just remember this: The internet to look - Gateway Travel to book!

Save Time & Money

The whole "Buy Direct and Save" theory that works for other products and services just doesn't apply to the travel industry. And best yet … when you use a travel agent, a little of your travel dollars then stay right here in our local economy and we thank you!!!